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We are the cheapest bulk SMS provider in Nigeria for both the Resellers and the End-Users in Nigeria.


We help Businesses, Governments, Associations, Politicians, Individuals, and Religious Body to take advantage of the available GSM database in Nigeria to inform, notify, alert, interact, transact and share information to their teeming loyalist, customers, clients, members etc across the globe.


Bulksmsbase.com stands for Honesty, Integrity, Good and Quality Service Delivery while adding value to our client.  Our bulk sms service in Nigeria enable you to send Short Messaging Solution (SMS) to hundreds of thousands of your customers, members and other individuals with the touch of a button. You may desire to schedule your message to be delivered at a later time. You also have the opportunity of sending bulk SMS with a customized sender ID.


Bulksmsbase.com, the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria also offers a complete mobile marketing solution for your business to increase customer acquisition and be ahead of competition.


For specific information on how our bulk sms service can help your business grow, please feel free to Contact Us at any time of the day or night and we shall be glad to respond.


Why is bulksmsbase.com into Bulk SMS in Nigeria?


Bulk SMS in Nigeria helps to make you be in constant touch with your family and friends. Companies in Nigeria also make use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria because of the most cost efficient way to make their products/services known to the people. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is easy to use, it is quick and no cost involved with it. We render this service to Nigerians in order to let them enjoy the benefit associated with Bulk SMS in Nigeria.


With Bulk SMS in Nigeria you can send your messages to your recipients in any language understand by them. You can also avail this service from any part of the country. This is why Bulk SMS in Nigeria is a more attractive alternative for mobile communication and many people find Bulk SMS in Nigeria as the most reliable mode for transferring information. Mobile phones are common sight nowadays, if we look around then we can visualize that every person is using mobile phones; in order to meet the demand of this users, the Bulk SMS in Nigeria strategy has been introduced. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is really expanding the reach of people; Politicians, Companies, Government etc through gsm database and sms marketing.


Bulk SMS in Nigeria has become the basic medium to reach out to different kind of people on different interest. A company spend massive amount of money in order to expand its business, for that they spend a massive amount on sending message, by sending single Bulk SMS in Nigeria to thousands of customers and clients and provide information about your latest products , services, offers and alerts etc, wasting their time and money. Thus, the Bulk SMS in Nigeria started been used by the companies, to consume this time and energy. Based on these we are here to help in providing Best Bulk SMS in Nigeria.


Bulk SMS in Nigeria has lot of gains, as one can easily send personalized messages along with brand names to thousands of mobile numbers in a second. In Bulk SMS in Nigeria you can messages with your Sender ID that represents the name of your Company, Business, Products or Services. Thus the Bulk SMS in Nigeria provides every means to flourish in your Brand name.


The most beneficial part of the Bulk SMS in Nigeria is that one can send message throughout Nigeria, from anywhere, which makes the most suitable means to send your information instantly anywhere in the country.


The most beneficial part of Bulk SMS in Nigeria is the volume of receivers. Just one click and your massage is send to thousands and more people at the same time.


From the above gains, features and benefits of Bulk SMS in Nigeria, we are determining to be the best Bulk SMS in Nigeria and beyond and make our customers happy. This is our vision.