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Bulk sms API Configuration | Best API Gateway | Bulk SMS Gateway


API means Application Programming Interface. With our API, your bulk sms website can

interact with our instant delivery Bulk SMS Gateway.

You will be able to send bulk SMS and also check your balance with our API.

So if you already have a bulk sms website you can integrate with our HTTP API.


SMS API to integrate into your bulk sms website if you already have your own bulk

sms website. 





To check your account balance





Username=xxx, remove the xxx and put your username

Password=xxx, remove the xxx and put your password

Api response on Success: OK

API Response confirmation: Contains

API Protocol: HTTP GET

Push to API as: Bulk


The values that could be returned are: If you see any of the figures it means

an error that must be corrected. 



2904=SMS Sending Failed

2905=Invalid username/password combination

2906=Credit exhausted

2907=Gateway unavailable

2908=Invalid schedule date format

2909=Unable to schedule

2910=Username is empty

2911=Password is empty

2912=Recipient is empty

2913=Message is empty

2914=Sender is empty

2915=One or more required fields are empty