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Follow these steps to Send messages on Bulksmsbase.com

  1. Register a FREE user account on this SMS website (registration is absolutely free).
  2. Log on to your newly created account with your username and password.
  3. You have free text units once your registration is completed; make use of the free units by sending text message to one of your numbers.
  4. When satisfied you can now go ahead to buy units online or pay to our bank accounts for any volume you want.
  5. After making payment and your Bulk SMS Nigeria account is credited, you can log in to your account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on "COMPOSE MESSAGE".
  6. Enter the sender ID (Maximum of 11 characters including space and no signs).
  7. Type in or paste the recipients number(s) in the space for recipients (make sure that you type both recipients' numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box. The numbers must be in a text file). Your numbers must be in the following format: 0803xxxxxxx or 234803xxxxxxx. Do not use the format like 803xxxxxxx or +234803xxxxxxx otherwise your message will not be delivered and sometimes you may see error 404.
  8. Compose your messages you want to send to the recipients. (Glo network is blocking messages that contain telephone number in its content. In case you have to put telephone number in the content of your message, please enter the telephone number like these to avoid having Glo delivery problem eg. 080-0000-0000 or 080 0000 0000 and the message will be delivered to all the recipients' numbers, including Glo numbers).
  9. Click on "SEND" and your message(s) will be delivered to all your recipients within few seconds.
  10. You can as well schedule your message(s) for later delivering. Just click on more options beside send and select year, date and time and click send.